UWorld MCAT® Product Feature: My Notebook

The new UWorld MCAT My Notebook feature

We’re excited to announce the launch of an exciting new feature in your UWorld MCAT QBank called “My Notebook.” With My Notebook, you have yet another tool to customize your study sessions for your MCAT test prep. This new feature will make your MCAT practice more efficient, more effective, and more productive than ever before!

Here are the answers to some common questions about My Notebook and all you need to know to begin studying with this brand-new QBank feature . . .

What Is the My Notebook Feature? 

My Notebook is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create a customizable, digital notebook in order to take notes and add QBank content for future, personalized study of those high-yield concepts you find the most challenging.

Where Can I Access My Notebook in My QBank?

My Notebook is easy to find in your UWorld MCAT QBank. It’s available in both the main menu bar (left side of your screen) and within the practice test interface.

UWorld MCAT QBank: My Notebook in the Left side Navigation Menu
UWorld MCAT QBank: My Notebook in the Practice Test Interface

How Do I Add the Content of My Choice to My Notebook?

Within the test interface of your MCAT QBank, you can copy any written or visual content from the questions or explanations and simply add them into My Notebook. You can add notes to a new page or use one of the blank pages included that corresponds to an MCAT subject. But that’s not all. You can also personalize your notes with our editor functionality. Bolding, highlighting, bullet points, etc. — make the notes your own! It’s just another way to make your MCAT test prep more individualized.

UWorld MCAT QBank: Add Content to MyNotebook

So, What Does It Mean To Customize My Notebook?

There are a couple of ways you can customize My Notebook. First of all, you can create additional pages and reorganize your notebook in whatever order you prefer for your study sessions. 

UWorld MCAT QBank: Customize My Notebook

Additionally, you can adjust the organization and structure of your selected content. To do so, simply click-and-drag your pages in the left navigation panel. You can create up to four levels of organization and move pages between sections and levels as you see fit.

UWorld MCAT Bank - Organize the saved content

What Happens to My Notebook if I Reset My QBank?

If you reset your QBank, you will not lose your content or organization in My Notebook. All of your content will be preserved during any reset. In your next pass through the QBank, you’ll be able to review the same content as before the reset.

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know About a QBank Reset? 

Just one reminder about “Notes,” which is a different feature. The content within Notes links directly to individual questions and is distinct from My Notebook; therefore, unlike My Notebook, any content within Notes does not carry over during a QBank reset.

So, What Are My Takeaways About This New Feature?

The new My Notebook feature allows you to . . . 

  1. Add notes in a digital notebook regarding the most challenging material so you can review it more often.
  2. Copy any written or visual information in your QBank’s questions and explanations.
  3. Personalize UWorld’s industry-leading content with My Notebook’s editor functions (e.g., highlighting, bolding, bullet points, etc.)
  4. Organize your notebook in ways that make sense to you. Click-and-drag pages, create  your own levels of organization, and move pages according to your study style.

All of these customizable options lead to increased efficiency, effectiveness, and exam preparedness. We hope you love this new feature and that it helps you as you prepare for MCAT success!


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