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Everything You Need for Effective Content Review

  • 180-Day Access to Digital MCAT UBooks
  • 6 Comprehensive MCAT Science Review Books
  • 2 Annotated Review Books for CARS
  • 450 Concept Check Questions Across Lessons
  • High-Impact Visuals That Teach Key MCAT Content
  • Flashcards with Spaced Repetition Technology
  • Digital Notebook to Easily Review MCAT Concepts
  • Mobile App For On-The-Go Access

Enhance Your MCAT Prep with Our Immersive UBooks

Build confidence and ace the exam with our expert-level MCAT prep books, available in print and digital formats.

Expertly Crafted MCAT
Review at Your Fingertips

Explore printed versions of our illustrated and annotated guides for each exam subject!

  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • General Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physics
  • CARS Annotated Practice Book
  • CARS Annotated Passage Guide

Master CARS with Proven
Test-Taking Strategies

Learn the specialized skills and strategies you need to master CARS with our Annotated Practice Book.

Apply what you have learned with MCAT-level practice questions.

Then, review step-by-step breakdowns of each passage in our Annotated Passage Guide for optimal comprehension.

Includes Online Access to Interactive UBooks

Immerse yourself in content review with 180-day access to our digital UBooks. High-yield illustrations and clickable hyperlinks bring concepts to life, and integrated learning tools make content review effective and fun.

Transform Passive Reading into an Interactive Experience
Using Data-Driven Learning Tools

Get the most from your MCAT prep experience with dynamic visuals and time-saving learning tools.

Diagram of the effects of failed cutin transport

High-Impact Visuals Teach Key MCAT Concepts

Visual aids make MCAT concepts easy to understand, strengthening your data analysis and scientific reasoning skills.
UWorld’s MCAT concept check quizzes

Test Your Knowledge with 450 New Concept Checks

Solidify what you know after each lesson with detailed and illustrated step-by-step explanations for each concept check question.
UWorld's Spaced-Repetition Flashcards

Improve Recall Using Spaced-Repetition Flashcards

Retain more of what you read using spaced-repetition flashcards that display difficult concepts more often until you master them.
Overview of UWorld's ‘My Notebook’ feature

Maximize Your Time with Effective Note-Taking

Save hours on note-taking with 'My Notebook,’ a customizable study tool designed to help you review your notes as you go.

Study MCAT UBook Content on the Go

Maximize your study time by reviewing UBook content via our mobile app when you’re on a break or in between classes.

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Interested in Alternative MCAT Prep Options?

Utilize the power of active learning with UWorld's MCAT QBank, a dynamic question bank designed to reinforce your knowledge and sharpen test-taking skills. For a more comprehensive approach, explore our new MCAT Prep Course.

Bulk Pricing for Academic Partners

Empower your students with the MCAT strategies and tools they need to succeed. We’ll work with you to create a package that fits your needs and meets your institutional goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we cover all the content in the latest AAMC MCAT outline. Learn more about the specific MCAT sections covered here.
We recommend that students use the products for initial content review. Next, they should focus on completing practice questions and getting comfortable in the testing environment. The books work seamlessly with the QBank. Check out this product tour for a detailed overview of our QBank .
Yes, the 450+ new concept check questions test students on what they learned in each lesson. Concept checks are available in the print and digital versions of each book. Each concept check includes a detailed explanation with a visual for further comprehension.
Students have six months to access the digital UBooks. In addition, students also receive printed review books.
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