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QBank Questions and Answer Explanations

Challenging Questions and In-Depth Answer Explanations

At UWorld, our focus is to give students the highest quality MCAT prep in an immersive learning environment. Our MCAT QBank has over 2,000 premium questions that cover all exam topics and teach the critical reasoning skills needed for MCAT success. We provide easy to understand question explanations for both correct and incorrect answer options. Our explanations also include term definitions and meticulously explain MCAT concepts in a step-by-step manner.

quotes The explanations for the correct AND incorrect answers are unmatched. The summary of overarching themes from each question is great.
  — Matthew

One-of-a-kind Images and Passage Annotations

Top Notch Scientific Illustrations and Annotated CARS Passage Excerpts

The science questions contain scientific illustrations, graphical annotations of passage or question figures, and illustrated tables or flowcharts that summarize MCAT content for easy retention. CARS questions include highlighted passage excerpts to showcase areas of the passage that should be analyzed to deduce the correct answer. The visual component of our answer explanations is meant to promote and enhance active learning of all MCAT concepts.

MCAT-Style Content Written by Subject Matter Experts

Study, Practice, and Learn From MCAT Experts

Our commitment to educational excellence has made our MCAT-style questions and their illustrated answer explanations the gold standard. Our MCAT QBank is developed and maintained by experienced professors and researchers who are experts in diverse disciplines across the sciences and humanities. With their extensive knowledge of the MCAT exam, UWorld’s content developers are committed to providing you with the best prep needed to master the MCAT and begin your medical journey.

Realistic Test Simulation

UWorld Interface Mirrors the MCAT Exam

Our MCAT QBank interface is designed to mimic the interface of the MCAT exam. Becoming familiar with the difficulty level of MCAT questions and the interface of the MCAT exam reduces test-day anxiety, builds pre-test confidence, and increases the likelihood of effective critical thinking. After studying with the UWorld MCAT QBank, you will know exactly what to expect on your MCAT exam. The test will feel like just another practice session, which will allow you to focus on performing at your best.

quotes Beautiful explanations, amazing pictures, awesome passages, wonderful layout, just superb!
  — Jeffrey

Aligned With the AAMC Blueprint

Mapped to the AAMC MCAT Blueprint

There is no guesswork involved in the development, evaluation, and maintenance of the UWorld MCAT QBank. Our content is strategically organized and regularly updated to align with the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) MCAT test plan (blueprint). Our QBank features challenging practice questions and detailed explanations that cover every subject you’ll face on the MCAT.

Primarily Passage Based Just Like the MCAT

Numerous high quality MCAT-like passages and passage-based questions

In the MCAT, the CARS section is solely passage-based; the science sections are primarily passage-based but contain some discrete multiple choice questions. We designed a QBank that replicates the style and difficulty of MCAT passages and question types. You will primarily encounter passage-based questions that challenge your ability to reason and think critically. By the time you are done mastering our MCAT-style passages, the real exam will feel like you are just practicing with UWorld.

Customizable Digital Flashcards

Best On-The-Go Review Tool

The best MCAT prep is efficient, intentional, and designed to strengthen any weak areas of knowledge that will be tested on exam day. This is where UWorld’s cutting-edge digital flashcard feature comes in. Our flashcards allow students to master difficult MCAT topics and identify the content they want to review on demand. Students can browse, organize, and edit their custom flashcards easily with unique, self-created tags. Our technology also makes it easy to review progress with innovative flashcard study statistics.

quotes Super easy to use, great flashcard feature, all the content you need to know for the MCAT and nothing more/nothing less!"
  — Yazan

Spaced Repetition Technology

Research-Supported Study Method

Learn and master difficult topics with spaced repetition technology, an evidence-based learning technique to help students study smarter and retain more information. Integrated within UWorld’s Digital Flashcards study tool, Spaced Repetition Technology presents cards you’ve marked as difficult more frequently, and cards you’ve marked as easy less frequently. The spacing of how and when the flashcards are introduced has been proven to increase retention and strengthen memory recall.

Integrated Interface

All Our Tools, Exactly Where You Want Them

Studying for the MCAT is a time consuming and rigorous endeavor, to save you time, our system design ensures an interactive and streamlined learning experience. For example, you could be working through a difficult question and need further explanation. We provide links to supporting images that further explain the concepts. You can also easily transfer content directly from any question to a digital flashcard. These are some examples of how you can easily access what you need within our integrated educational platform.

Customizable Study Sessions

Create Custom Tests Across Multiple MCAT Subjects

New! You can now create a single test that spans multiple MCAT subjects. As you go through a multi-subject test, each question is tagged with the corresponding AAMC Subject, Foundation, and Skill.

Study for the MCAT by creating your own custom tests. Choose between Tutor Mode, which shows you the question explanation immediately after you answer a question, or Timed Mode, which shows you the question explanations only after you have completed the whole test. Use Question Mode to tailor your test based on the type of question you want. You can pick from new questions you have never seen before, previously missed questions, and even questions you have bookmarked. Unable to finish? Save your test to reference at a later time or date that is more convenient for you.

Detailed Reporting

Performance Tracking & Reports

To further personalize your study sessions, our detailed reporting shows progress in individual MCAT Subjects and Foundations. Targeted performance reports identify your strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint specific Subjects and Foundations where you need improvement. With our reporting, you can create remediation tests that will help you master concepts needed for MCAT success.

quotes Seriously a life-saver. Went from scoring in the low 500’s on full-length’s to 519 after using UWorld Qbank.”
  — Jacob

Fully-Featured Mobile App

Comprehensive App that Syncs Across Devices

Our mobile app is your all-access pass to our multiple-choice questions, flashcards, detailed reporting, and more. The app seamlessly syncs with the desktop version of your QBank, allowing you to easily continue your studies from one device to the next, including Apple, Android, and Amazon devices. Whether you’re studying at home, in between class, or on the go, you can maximize your study time with convenient, uninterrupted access to your entire MCAT QBank.

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