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Uworld has provided an incredible range of questions covering just about every topic you would expect to see on the MCAT. I am significantly more confident in my abilities assessing questions quickly because of Uworld.

Ansley Bilyeu (Feb 2023)

The explanations are the best of any question bank I've used. They're detailed without being overdone. The notebook and flashcard features are very handy. The options for test-making are flexible, so you can really tailor the question blocks to your needs. 10/10 times I'd choose UWorld for studying for any big exam. There's no comparison.

Dujon (Feb 2023)

Great experience! Best MCAT study tool I have used so far and at such a reasonable price for students paying their own way. I love statistics and graphs so you can see your progress and averages compared to other uses. If you haven't purchased uworld yet, I HIGHLY recommend it! Very user friendly and I love how much you can customize it to your liking.

Elizabeth (May 2023)

There are many things to love about UWorld. Firstly, the pictures and explanations summarize the concepts in a concise and precise manner. Secondly, the questions are very representative of the real exam. Lastly, there is a lot of learning in the process, and flashcards provided by UWorld make learning even more convenient. I love it! totally worth the money.

Zeeshan Ali (May 2023)

This test bank is very useful and reliable. The level of difficulty this Q-bank exposes me to motivates me to learn even more. In addition to the questions, I also think the "notebook" and "flashcard" options are very beneficial to the learning process.

Jessica (May 2023)

The images and written explanations for each passage and discrete question are unmatched by any other test prep company. I took the MCAT several years ago, and I used UWorld then to prepare in addition to Kaplan for content review. Unfortunately, my 90th+ percentile score has changed since expired, and in preparing for my retake, I knew the one thing I needed to have in my repertoire was UWorld. I currently have no regrets about repurchasing this QBank. I am flying through the questions, and I am able to pinpoint and drill my weaknesses section by subsection.

Terra (May 2023)

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