Upgraded Multi-Subject Selection Feature

UWorld MCAT QBank Feature Update: Multi-Subject Selection

For students looking to prep for multiple MCAT subjects at once as they study for an upcoming MCAT exam, we have an exciting new feature in our UWorld MCAT QBank.

When creating an MCAT-style practice exam, you can now further customize your study by selecting multiple subjects to draw questions from, rather than just one.

This means that your review can now include various foundations across multiple subjects in one practice test if you so choose.

Here is the practical application of this feature and how it can benefit you . . . 

Our QBank includes all MCAT subjects: Behavioral Sciences (Psychology and Sociology), Biochemistry, Biology, Critical Analysis & Reasoning Skills (CARS), General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physics.

Previously, when setting up a practice test, you were allowed to pick one subject for focused practice, and within this same subject, you could select multiple foundations.

This meant that you could have a pointed and highly-efficient practice test that drew questions from “Behavioral Sciences” (as an example), but if you wanted to also practice “Organic Chemistry,” you’d need to set up another practice test — an Organic Chemistry practice test.

However, this is no longer the case.

Based on valuable user feedback, we’ve updated the selection feature for “Subjects,” allowing you to choose multiple MCAT subjects to practice during the same practice test.

MCAT Create Test

Now, when creating a practice test, you might choose to design a practice test that . . . 

Presents biology questions, general chemistry questions, and physics questions.

Or maybe you want a practice test that . . .

Presents biochemistry questions and CARS questions.

Or perhaps you want an MCAT-style practice test that actually . . .

Presents questions from all MCAT subjects in the UWorld QBank — Behavioral Sciences, Biochemistry, Biology, CARS, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physics.

The choice is now up to you — study what you want, when you want!

MCAT QBank Reports

The one thing that has not changed is our commitment to excellence. In fact, it’s this focus on providing the best quality MCAT prep that drives us to continually upgrade and enhance our industry-leading MCAT study tools. 

So make sure you take advantage of this new and improved study feature, and rest assured that we are committed to continue offering you the most high-quality and innovative educational resource to prepare you for the MCAT exam.

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