A Medical Student’s Advice on How To Prepare for the MCAT®

Medical students prepare for the MCAT in front of a laptop
Are you a pre-med student preparing for the MCAT? Discover how to prepare for the MCAT in this article from UWorld, the industry leader in exam prep.
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Medical students prepare for the MCAT in front of a laptop
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Abi, a first-year medical student, offers her advice on how to prepare for the MCAT®, and it all boils down to three things: practice, practice, practice. Whether your MCAT date is a year away or you are on a three-month MCAT study plan, here is her take on the best way to practice for the exam . . .

Hey, everybody. My name is Abi. I’m a first-year medical student, and you might know me on Instagram as @abisanatomy. I’m here to talk a little bit today about UWorld MCAT.

Now, the MCAT is the medical college admissions test. This is the exam that you need to take and do well on in order to get into medical school.

So, the question always is then, how can I do well on this exam?

Well, if you follow me on Instagram, then you know that my strongest piece of advice is to practice. This is because the MCAT is not necessarily designed to test your content knowledge. It’s how well can you synthesize information and answer questions? Ultimately, what it’s gonna come down to your success is how much practice you can get in. 

Now, it’s obviously important to be doing full length exams as well, but that’s not plausible to be doing every day. If you’re doing your UWorld questions every day up until your exam, you are gonna be so prepared, and when you see those questions on exam day, it’s gonna feel exactly like every single day for the last six months that you’ve been studying. 

And I think that that is something I really like about UWorld. Not only is the platform just set up so nicely and exactly how MCAT day looks like, it is all the questions are written so well. 

Now, it might seem like doing any old practice question is good enough for the MCAT. You have to remember that the MCAT is a standardized exam, written by people so that every single person who takes this exam is put on the same level, so it’s super important to practice with questions that look like what are gonna be on the exam. If you just do practice questions from a textbook, it’s not going to prepare you in the same way to read a passage and to synthesize that information and perform well on the tests.

So, it is absolutely vital that you take questions that are written by professionals to get into the mind of the MCAT writers. And who writes the MCAT? Well, professionals. And so UWorld pulled tons of professionals together and created this massive database for you in order to do MCAT practice questions that look and feel and sound exactly like the actual MCAT questions do.

Overall, I super endorse UWorld. I think it is just without a doubt one of the very best platforms you can use in order to practice and prepare for the MCAT exam.

I’m super excited to also be able to use it for my USMLE, which is the Step 1 exam that second-year medical students use, which I will be taking next year, and you can bet that UWorld will be one of the number one things I’m using to practice. 

And one more thing that I think is also neat, UWorld is now considered the gold standard for medical students, especially during our dedicated Step time. Everybody uses UWorld.

So, if you start as a pre-med, you’re gonna be much more comfortable and ready to utilize this platform as a medical student if you’ve used it for the MCAT and now you can use it for the USMLE.

So, I think overall, there’s just so many benefits to using UWorld and I really admire the platform. I love it. I totally recommend it.

Anyways, I hope you love it as well. They also have a seven-day free trial, so you can go on and see all the things that I’m talking about, and you’ll be like, “She was right!” 

And I just am here to say that I want you to know that I want you to do well on this exam. I want you guys to get into medical school. You know that. That’s like my main point of my whole page, and I just care so much about the future of physicians, and so that’s why I’m super happy to endorse a product like UWorld, because I just believe in it so strongly. 

So, overall, I really hope you guys give it a try and let me know how it goes. See you later!

Are you a pre-med student preparing to take your MCAT®? Discover why UWorld is the industry leader in high-stakes medical exam preparation. Our 2,000+ MCAT-style questions, detailed rationales for all answer options, vivid illustrations, and unparalleled performance tracking will have you confident and prepared for success on exam day. Start your MCAT 7-Day free trial!

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